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Originally Posted by ChiSoxNationPres View Post
We would probably have to pick up 5-7 mil a year, but you don't hit 40 HRs in 2 months. He was almost comeback player of the year. I'm not even opposed to keeping him, but not in the 3 or 4 hole in the lineup. He sees about as many pitches per at bat than anyone else in baseball (and has more value with Youk in the lineup who does the same), a highly underrated aspect of his game.
No, you don't, but he hit 16 in the first 2 months this season. In April he hit .231/.368/.513 and in May .230/.386./590. Those are fine.

After that?

June: .181/.333/.436
July: .211/.311/.478
August: .176/.289/.402
September/October: .200/.302/.378

Those numbers after May are awful, nearly as bad as his 2011.

Could the Sox dump him if they sent back a good chunk of change in the trade? Maybe. Could they get anything of value, any player of note, in return? Doubtful. Teams aren't clamoring to trade for overpaid, mediocre veterans on the decline.

Thus, I think the Sox will keep him, but mostly because they have no real choice in the matter.
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