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Originally Posted by delben91 View Post
Eh, I don't know about all that. I mean, if that's how you best deal with the team's ****ty performance then that's fine by me.

I personally am more like sachin where if the team is terrible and making me angry, I choose to refocus my time on something that doesn't make me angry. As a result, I post less. Plus, when I post while frustrated I tend to make ridiculously hyperbolic statements as anyone that was in the Blackhawks playoff threads can attest to. So best all around that I keep my distance.

Anyway, just as it's your "right" to vent your frustration on the site, it's the right of fans like myself and sachin to go do something else and pay less attention in general. Fandom is not a one-size-fits-all entity.
I'm not really venting though, I actually want to talk about this. I like baseball. Even ****ty baseball.
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