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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
And yet ironically the Rays continue to win games. And the Reds don't exactly have a rabid fan base either yet they somehow won the NL central over fan powerhouses like the Cardinals and Cubs.

And somehow teams like the Red Sox and Cubs didn't do anything even with that extra energy. If a bunch of professional players being paid millions of dollars need an extra boost to play better, well, we are in trouble then.
Please show me where I said it is impossible for a team to win without a rabid fan base?

Please show me where Williams said it is impossible to win without a rabid fan base?

Please show me where I said extra energy will guarantee a playoff birth?

Please show me where Williams said extra energy will guarantee a playoff birth?

The article simply says, without even a quote from Williams, that Williams thought an energetic crowd could add some life to a tired team towards the end of the season.

The Williams quote says he wanted to get a level of energy found in some other big market stadiums. What is wrong with that? Why wouldn't he want that? Why wouldn't the players want that?

No one is saying that was the reason the White Sox fell short. But to act like the players are robots and will show no response whatsoever to a packed house going crazy for them on a September night is a little silly. I'm sure Williams, as a former player and someone who has been in a baseball stadium for the majority of his life, understands the effect the fans can have on a given night. Believe me, the players did not want to play in front of 15,000 while fighting for first place during the last few weeks of the season. None of the players are going to say it made them play worse, or that they needed the fans there to win, but I'm sure they were disappointed. Who knows, maybe it would have helped.

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