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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
I'll give you that he makes too much, but there just isn't a decline. None of his numbers show decline. He had one outlier somewhat poor season in 2010. Everything else says he is the same pitcher he has been since entering the league. He even got a significant bump, statistically from going to the NL, in both WHIP and K/BB ratio, so I don't see why his returning to the AL makes any difference. He is one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball, and probably the most durable one I've ever seen. Dude has pitched 200+ innings in 12 consecutive seasons. Yeah, he's somewhat overpaid, but not enough to be included here.
I read an article a few months ago about how Buerhle has a shot at the Hall of Fame. Seems like a longshot but he has put up consistent numbers even when he ends up going 13-13. It's pretty amazing how he's still pretty young and is already at 48.9 career war. A pitcher who reaches a 60.0 war is usually a lock for the Hall of Fame. Buerhle is a interesting case because he's never put up a lights out type of season just consistent seasons so he may get overlooked when it's time for his hof chances.

Roy Halladay 63.6 war, age 36...He's a lock for hof.
Tim Hudson 51.1 war, age 37...age is catching up to him.
CC Sabathia 51.0 war age 32....He's probably going to make the hof.
Mark Buerhle 48.9 war age 34
Johan Santana 48.6 war age 34.....I think Buerhle will be better in the next 3-4 years.
Roy Oswalt 48.5 war age 35....I can't see him ever being very good again.
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