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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
Right now, the Twins are saying "there's no place like Dome. There's no place like Dome....." while clicking their heels.
The Twins have actually played a lot better than people expected this year. A lot of people believe they will hit, while doubting they will be able to outhit other teams going against their pitching, at least enough to contend.

Today it started out like the Sox were going to be looking up at the Twins all day, not unlike Monday night. They already had six hits after two inning. The way Axelrod was pitching, it looked not like the Twins were squandering opportunities, but that it was just a matter of time before time before all those baserunners would translate into runs.

The biggest difference was that Adam Dunn had perhaps his best offensive day in the White Sox lineup. I haven't looked up hits and total bases and such. It certainly wouldn't be his first two-home-run day and probably not his first three-extra-base hit day. But when you consider the first home run tied the game that looked like it could get away from the Sox and the double extended a one-run lead and set up a further run in the inning and even the second homer essentially gave Addison Read the day off, I don't think he has had another game with the Sox where he had so much offense that meant so much in a win. Today he was the RBI man Sox fans expected him to be. Really, he has had a very good series in Minnesota when you consider he was robbed of a home run Monday night that would have tied the game in the middle innings, and really would have made this an entirely different series.

While Dunn was what a cleanup hitter should be, Alex Rios was what a No. 3 hitter should be. Viciedo homered again to break the tie and later got an important sacrifice fly. Even Keppinger had a big two-out, two-run double to extend a close lead as the bullpen was bending.

On top of that, Axelrod held the Twins on a day when it didn't appear he had the stuff to consistently get Twins hitters out. He has pitched better games, he has had much better stuff, but the way he battled today, he really did deserve the win.
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