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You sound like Kittle.

Not comparing anything, just answering Frater's point.

You can make of it whatever you will... all I know is that I couldn't care less how many games the Yankees lost like that (who made the playoffs) or the Tigers (who made the playoffs) or the A's (who made the playoffs)...all I care about are the White Sox.

You hold a team to three runs or less unless you are going up against an "ace" pitcher like say a Verlander or a win the game. Period.

The Sox offense has been so inconsistent, so 'home run or nothing, so frustrating that they have lost a ton of these type games over the past decade.

All you have to do is see the results against a Royals staff this year that was among the worst in the league in a lot of categories to understand how this cripples the team.

I don't have the answer for it other than the Sox have to get better players, guys who don't hit .230, .250, .202...but that's easier said than done.