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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
In my observation, players tend to improve at the major league level the longer they play there, so there must be some form of player development happening. He'd be rotting on the vine in the minors at this point.
The question is not whether he should be down on the farm learning fundamentals now. The question is whether he was working on the fundamentals when he was down on the farm.

Originally Posted by TDog View Post
When we look at Jimenez, we see the potential from his best trips to the plate. The two-home run game against the Yankees felt to Sox fans like his breakout game, but it turned out to be just one great game. He hasn't consistently been the same offensive force since. I'm confident that he'll develop, but at this point he still has a lot to prove.
I am in total agreement with you. He’ll develop with the bat. Defensively he’s lost right now. He needs daily instruction. Is he working on his defense when he comes to the park? Is he getting daily instruction?

Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I'm not as excited about the White Sox future as most, it has to do with the pitching, which has to be the foundation of any winning team.
Your points on the staff current and projected are interesting. With regard to Rodon, he has to put together a consistent full season of work to even begin to judge his future. I agree with you on Kopech: he has no body of work so it is hard to get a picture of what type of starter he may be. I was a little surprised about your comments about Cease being handled with care. Giolito and Lopez must find some consistency moving forward.

So far the staff is just not very good:

Let’s see what improvement, if any, the staff shows in the next twenty games.
“There were a few hard rules, but everybody was unique, and he understood that. George’s great strength was he didn’t overcoach. There’s no place for panic on the mound.” - Jim Palmer on George Bamberger “Arms and the man,” Sports Illustrated, April 19, 2004

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