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Originally Posted by soxnut1018 View Post
They really don't. When you hear them talk about people like the Paternos or Steve Alford, that's hate. They find Hawk to be great comedic fodder and a poor announcer. I can't really disagree with them on either. I am one of the few on WSI who enjoy B&B and what astounds me is how everyone who hates them seems to know so much of what goes on during their show.
I agree that they do not hate Hawk with the intensity of Alford or Paterno,but they have great disdain for him,at minimum.

And of course,he now returns fire.
B & B are from the school,especially Bernstein,that there is not real joy in following sports,except for that brief moment when you win the championship.
To him,the rest is all garbage.
They hate fans,period. They think they are all stupid,period. If you are a fan,you are stupid. Sports are only to extract money from...for them.
Any yahoos who actually like the sport,or a team is a bumpkin.
Its their style,and I suspect they are not really liked by many,but the radio is set on the Score and people listen out of habit.
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