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Hooked this up to the big screen and watched it this afternoon. Some observations:

I wonder if the focus of the outfield camera was that bad when it was live or just the quality of the tape. The other cameras were almost crisp. I have VCR tapes from the 90's that are about half the quality of this relic. Great find.

The shot of that house across Waveland with the WGN sign on the roof should give people an idea of how sketchy that neighborhood was back then.

The Brickhouse catchphrases "Hoo boy, Hoo brother" and "any old kind of run'll do it." were as common in the 60's as us saying "He gone" now.

One sixty second ad. That was it. Return to the action and the pitcher is ready to throw. No wonder a two hour game wasn't uncommon.

It's hard to believe that the bleachers, scoreboard and ivy were only 27 years old when this game was played. Never realized the ivy was trimmed back below the top of the wall before the baskets were installed. Loved how they used the scoreboard to show the score at the end of the inning instead of any graphic.

Anybody know the backstory of where this tape was found?
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