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Originally Posted by roylestillman View Post
The Brickhouse catchphrases "Hoo boy, Hoo brother" and "any old kind of run'll do it." were as common in the 60's as us saying "He gone" now. ...
In the 1990s, I was watching the end of a nationally televised Cubs game with a Cubs fans in my office, going into the bottom of the ninth trailing by four runs. In my best Jack Brickhouse, I said, "any old kind of a five-run rally will win it, and I almost got him to laugh in his anger at me. Among older Chicago baseball fans, those Jack Brickhouse catch phrases probably still resonate as much as "he gone". I know the youngest fans have fun saying "he gone" at every opportunity without understanding what it means, like the little girl (I think) who held up a "he gone" sign at the Joe Crede strike out that ended the only White Sox 2005 postseaon loss. It's the same with the kids who throw back foul balls because they think it's the thing to do because baseball announcers make such a big deal out of throwing back home run balls.

And I'm sure Jack Brickhouse was the same Jack Brickhouse, catch phrases and all, when he was doing the White Sox games up to 1967.
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