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Originally Posted by Vernam View Post
Contrary to myth, MLB players really didn't bunt that well back then, either.
No kidding. That was a brutal at-bat by Beckert in the 9th.

Interesting to see the Cubs pinch-hit for Kessinger with the game on the line. It was his rookie season and he was struggling offensively. It would be three more years before his first (of six) All-Star selections.

That 3rd base camera angle for balls hit to the outfield was strange even for that era. WGN also appears not to have a camera on the first base side, which left them without a way to get a good shot of right-handed hitters in the batters box. I like the field-level shot to the left of the catcher, though.

I didn't see any fans in the stands wearing team logo merchandise at all, except for a couple kids with caps. When did the marketers figure out that grown adults would spend money trying to dress like players?
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