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Originally Posted by sachin View Post
If I could get rid of one of the broadcasters, it would be Hawk. It's like you have to be a long-time loyal follower to get his act. For example, "aww, that's a Matt Abbatacola": Who? What does it mean? If most fans have no idea, then does it really belong on a professional broadcast? Why not call a squibber down the 1st base line a "Dan Rostenkowski"? Or a botched double-play a "Sgt. Pepper"?

Stone's really good at what he does as a PBP. And oddly enough, I find the weird chemistry between Ed Farmer and DJ refreshing and that DJ brings out the best in Farm-i-o. I like listening to them together.

/Just my opinion.
A) You are correct. Hawk has become the definition of "unprofessional" and for that reason alone he needs to go.

B) I tend to agree with you on DJ. I find him enjoyable in the radio booth. He's got a quirky sense of humor and he is surprisingly more insightful about the game than he ever seemed when he was teamed with Hawk. Maybe its just that he seems good in contrast to Farmer. Who knows. But I've come around on DJ. I'm a convert. Not a fan of Farmer though.
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