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Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
Eaton (25) Garcia (22) solid CF/RF young combo....

DeAza and Viciedo will either platoon or be EASILY moved.....lot of clubs like both players..
I don't think Viciedo is going anywhere, but I could be wrong. I thought the Sox might move Santiago, and dealing for Eaton is an interesting move, although most fans won't be impressed because they don't know much about him. Sometimes I've seen Eaton, and he's looked great, but other times not so much. He's only shown flashes of the ballplayer he looked like he could be in Reno. But he looked like a can't-miss star in Reno. His superior minor-league on-base percentage was based in solid hitting, which is impressive. That might disappoint people who are big fans of walks.

The trick to building a winning team is to find young players who have great things ahead of them. The players with great things behind them are so much more expensive, and, more often than not, they don't give you as much as they've done before you got them, which is what you're paying for. Eaton and a couple of Garcias have a chance to be kids who can play.

Eaton has a chance to be a great pickup.
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