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Originally Posted by Grzegorz View Post
Money badly invested hurts you in the future.

Talk about open ended, badly invested money. Thank goodness they didn't get MM.

You know it's not that crystal clear. I'd love Merrifield at second base. MadBum? Thor? Great... At what cost?

Your projected outfield? It would be quite the adventure out there.
That's assuming it's badly invested...

Too soon to judge the MM contract, but currently I'm OK the Sox didn't pull the trigger.

Merrifield at age 31 for a 22 year old with similar profile? Pass. I'm down to trade Cease for Thor, only if they can extend him. Keep Kopech, he's a Strasburg/Thor himself if he comes back healthy and I'm willing to take that chance.

That would be fine defensively. But, Puig just doesn't make sense anymore, as he isn't that good offensively, especially for a multi-year deal. That one could look ugly immediately. The Sox should be trying to diversify their lineup at least a bit, have way too many players with his profile already and have for the last decade.
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