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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I think any meteor carrying such limited damage that it wouldn't trigger events ending civilization as we know it could be put to better use. And neither fanbase in the World Series is the worst in baseball. Really, any fanbase exposed will give you reason to hate their team. There are people who hate the White Sox because of their fans.

I have no reason to hate the Cardinals because doing so would give me some common ground with Cubs fans. I don't care how smug Cardinals fans are. They don't play in the same league or division as the White Sox. If there are smug Cardinals fans who want to keep smug Cubs fans in their place, that alone seems an outstanding reason to root for the Cardinals.
In an world where I could isolate my existence in life as a Sox fan, it would work. In reality, I can't do it. All my wife's family and former associates are from Missouri (and not the part that roots for the Royals) so I have already had my fill of Yadi-crushes, rally squirrels, and Wachtober.
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