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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
I for one hope that the Sox do not trade Peavy if they continue to play poorly. Pitching is very hard to find, and having Sale and Peavy gives them plenty to build on. Getting prospects doesn't guarantee anything, and the Sox haven't done all that great in evaluating talent over the last several years.
I agree that pitching is impossible to find. BUT, if we aren't contending, we have to put Peavy up for sale. If a number 1/2 starter with a 2+ years on a good financial deal can't bring top prospects from a contending team, no one can.

The key is to cut a good deal. As you said, our prior efforts have been poor: bad deals and bad talent evaluation. Just wait for a great offer and negotiate. No special deals for "Friends" and no reaches for positions we think we need. Get the best young players you can because we need all positions. If we can't get a 3rd basemen, we can live with Gillespie, e.g.
And if a great offer doesn't come, don't trade...wait until next year. He'll be valuable then to.
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