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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
My understanding is that Yogi would cut the ball on a buckle on his mitt before throwing it back to Whitey.

He certainly wasn't the only one doing it in those days. The ball didn't get taken out of play every time it hit the dirt like today, and the pitchers wanted that ball with a scuff tossed back to them. No catcher would throw it away himself or offer it to the umpire. They'd make him ask for it.
I've told this story a few times here but for those who hadn't heard it.
In 1962 when I was a vendor at Comiskey, a bunch of us were sitting out in the right field stands in the first row waiting for the gates to open and Whitey and a couple of other Yankee pitchers were doing wind sprints on the warning track from the foul pole out to CF and then they would walk back. When Whitey walked by I teased him about going bald as they were without their caps on, he turns and looks up at me and says "Hey kid, **** off". Gotta love it.
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