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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Right now Anderson does not have enough ABs to qualify for the batting championship because of the lost time due to injury, he's about 10 short but who thinks he has a shot at winning it.
It sure would be a great thing for him and the club to get some national recognition, hopefully this would be just the beginning of the club becoming relevant again in not only Chicago but across the nation.
I've been thinking about this for a while. I figured he was short, but might be able to make that up if he stays healthy the rest of the way. He needs to get to 502 PA for the full season and currently has 387. So he needs 115 PA in the final 34 games which he should be able to get to especially if he keeps hitting in the 2-slot. Ricky will hopefully even keep him there on purpose if he starts to get close just so he can rack up PA.

He'd be tied with the top two guys at present. Hope he gets hot. Just having someone in the top 5 would be pretty cool.

FYI, Moncada is currently 10th at .305.

Edit: Tim is currently 4th for players who stand a chance at qualifying or currently are qualified.

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