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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
it wasn't the information it was the tone that led to my reply. I agree tim's defense is worthy of discussion and yes i'd like to see more consistency from him in that department.

Fyi, he's only at -0.2 dwar. His range has balanced most of the errors to make him close to a replacement level player which is stunning because as you said he's got a lot of errors. If he can ever find some consistency he's going to be a beast, but it will require he put in the work to get it done.

Just looked it up. He's 7th in the majors for out of zone plays according to fangraphs. He's also the only player in the top 19 with a negative overall defensive rating. ironically #20 is fernando tatis (please don't make me split this thread by taking that name and running with it).
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