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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I'm happy with the season TA is having, but I think people are jumping the gun anointing him a success and not necessarily someone you look to deal. The truth is he still gets no walks, and his season has been aided by an insanely out of proportion BABIP (.388) that's almost 100 points higher than last year and nearly the same out of step for his career. If this was in conjunction with having more than 10 walks...I'd be more likely to buy it. But the truth is this is more than likely just a really lucky season. He'll have to not put up a .250/.290/.400 line for a couple of more years to prove this isn't an aberration, and honestly I'm leaning towards he probably won't.
You'd have to find a great deal, find someone who can play SS now and is cost controlled, because the Sox don't have a better internal option on the horizon anytime soon.

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