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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
Pretty much what I expected from him jumping into the big leagues against a hot Yankees team. I look forward to seeing what he does in his remaining September starts.

I think he has a promising future with the Sox, but I also think those fans who are practically penciling him in as part of our pitching rotation at the start of next year might be jumping the gun a bit.
Yeah, I thought Johnson actually pitched pretty well, that one bad inning he had, the Yankees 4-run 4th was set up by his own error (though, is Pleasac is correct that that is a thing Johnson struggles at, he will have to improve fielding his position) and then a few softly hit balls that just found the right spot. What can you do?

That one pitch though where he sawed off Ichiro was really nice. Tight and tailing in on the hands, he absolutely destroyed him. Unfortunately, that was the play that underthrew to 1st and really started the unraveling of that inning.

I wouldn't be surprised if Johnson starts the 2014 season in AAA but he has success early on then he will probably need to be promoted to the Majors. I don't anticipate the 2014 team will be very serious contenders and if there's nothing left for him to learn in the minors, it's time to learn on the job. Although, I am also in the camp that is still not 100% convinced that Andre Reinzo and Hector Santiago should stick in the starting rotation in the Majors.

Semien had a nice debut, as well. MLB Network says it's the first multi-hit MLB debut for a Sox player since Danny Richar in 2007. Yowzers.

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