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Originally Posted by RadioheadRocks View Post
Fire and passion are well and good, but you better be able to back it up, and that's why you see all the Peavy hate here. I've said it before and I'll say it again... if he pitched with his mouth, he'd be Cy Mother****ing Young.
LOL at all the posts earlier in the thread where people said "nobody hates Peavy." If this post isn't Peavy hate, what is?

And BTW, Peavy pitched well for the Sox. He just couldn't stay healthy. This whole "not being able to back it up" thing is a myth. I'm not sure Peavy ever said anything that was all that boastful in the first place. Some of you are acting like Jake guaranteed us a World Series championship or something.

Maybe people had unreasonable expectations. Maybe people thought they were getting 2007 Cy Young Jake Peavy. He was never going to regain that form with all the injuries he had. But he was an effective pitcher for the Sox when healthy, especially in 2012 and this year. He met my expectations. I'm sorry if he didn't meet yours. Be more realistic next time.

Peavy pitched well for the Red Sox in the Tampa Bay series. Nobody started a thread about that. He pitched poorly against Detroit, and here were are with this thread. Wonder why.
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