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Originally Posted by Saracen View Post
It's really hard to deal with a guy with so much innate talent who is just living in his own universe. Blurred vision due to much caffeine, Copenhagen withdrawal, lackadaisical play, needing the organization to watch over him any time he goes out, God telling him which contract to sign. I think he's just way too high risk to ever be dependable.

Wash will be an interesting case. He gets a lot out of the players as players, but he doesn't put those players in good situations to win.

I really think this game was lost in Game 6 last year - they still haven't recovered.
Indeed. Their time was last year. They were arguably better than the Giants too.

Wash is a solid manager of people, but his strategy is always off.

It has to be hard as a franchise on the move to be one strike away twice and not get it done.

Their time may come later with a different staff. A lot of talent and money in that franchise.
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