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Originally Posted by Dsell93 View Post
As much as I agree to an extent that repairs/renovations are neccesary, I can't help but ask myself...why are you all fans in the first place? If you want nice toys, go to Yankee Stadium and enjoy your $10 beer. Personally, I like watching baseball in the first row for 23 bucks and treating myself to some good grub, something the Sox do...(holy crap, you ready?) better than most ballparks. It's easy to be cynical...especially with a s****y team like this one but don't forget we still have urinals
This is Chicago, not palookaville. If the Sox don't want to be viewed as the Second City's second baseball team, they should at least keep up with league standards on their video board, which is now a common feature in sports stadiums everywhere. We're not ahead of the curve because we have a video board anymore. We've got an old, outdated, undersized one, and it sucks. An update isn't a silly effort to show that we can match Yankee extravagance, it's just keeping up with modern, everyday technology.
Rock over London. Rock on, Chicago.
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