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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
The Sox will likely be under new ownership by the time the current lease at the Cell expires. Regardless, I don't think there is any way in hell the Sox will get any more state money toward a new stadium. Once the current lease ends in 2027, I think the Sox can say goodbye to their current sweetheart lease deal.

If the Sox are such a shoestring operation that an investment to upgrade the scoreboard would come if they sacrificed any effort to infuse more talent into this organization, then that's just pathetic.
It sure is. But that's the way it will be. As he nears the end of his life JR is thinking of his "legacy," defined by him as success in business, meaning how much money he made -- for himself, for his family, for his investors -- from owning the team. He will leave that fortune to his descendants, chosen charities, or whatever. Not one penny of that "legacy" will ever be put back into the team -- that's our job, fools, to create something above the rate of return he wants. If the team doesn't produce, resuting in the fans not producing this excess ROR, well that's their fault and ours, but it changes nothing. He got the sweetheart stadium deal of MLB history, six Bulls championships and one World Series ring. He's blissfully content and nothing will change until he's gone.
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