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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I watched a couple of his outings from spring training, and he was terrific in those games. He seems to have left his stuff in Arizona.

I don't think the 95-96 mph fastball is every coming back, but in spring training, he was commanding pitches and throwing his breaking ball for strikes. That has not been the case in the early going of regular-season play.

It's been disappointing that Giolito has been mediocre at best in each of his three starts. Mediocre is probably being kind.
But it was back in spring training by all accounts, and somehow he didn't take it north. I saw flashes of higher velocity from him during the 3rd inning of his second start, but then by the 4th it was gone again. He's fighting his mechanics again, and if you follow Fegan on Twitter he's(Giolito) acknowledged as much.
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