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Originally Posted by DonnieDarko View Post
Considering the 3B free agent market and the lack of a good 3B on the farm, it's no wonder Hahn is trying to sign Youkilis.
If they strike out on bringing Youk back, I wouldn't be surprised if Hahn tried to pry Chase Headley loose from the Padres. Also, if the Sox lose out on AJ, they will need another left handed stick in that lineup too. Headley would fill both 3B and the left handed stick we need. The Padres are also a team we have dealt with many times in recent years. The Giants and Dodgers seem poised to dominate that division for the next few years so it would make sense for the Padres to listen to trade offers for Chase. I've read recently that Padres management doesn't "envision" trading Headley but they also haven't made any progress on an extension for him and he will be an unrestricted FA in 2014. It would probably require the Sox to put together an attractive package of players. (*patiently waits for snide WSI comment that we have nothing of value to trade*) The only downside to getting Headley would be that despite his high offensive production, he would be yet another high strikeout addition to the lineup.
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