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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Why are all Sox message boards obsessed with "saving money". ...
I really don't understand the obsession either, especially in the case of Thornton. Saving money is something management can do to improve this year's bottom line, but it does nothing to improve the team. They didn't save future money with Thornton because they sent the Red Sox what hanging on to Thornton would have cost them in the future.

But I remember reading a Chicago Tribune game story about a loss in 1970 in which the reporter (in the lack of objectivity that only sports journalists are allowed to get away with), questioned Carlos May's hustle by not breaking on a 3-2, 2-out pitch on which Gail Hopkins was called out on strikes, despite being paid $20,000 a year, something I aspired to at age 13 and something the reporter was probably looking up at. Resentment over underperforming players' salaries predated free agency, when an abstract argument could be made for money to spend being equivalent to talent in your system.
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