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Originally Posted by Lillian View Post
Take a look at De Aza's current split stats at Charlotte. He continues to hit, after a brief stint on the D.L.
Think about the feasibility of bringing him up to at least face right handers.
If some team needs a lead off man, couldn't the Sox deal Pierre, and replace him with De Aza, or even a platoon of De Aza and Lillibridge?
I know Juan had a good night last night, but really he's still not very good.
You are making a big assumption that De Aza could come here and replicate his production at AAA. What if he comes up and sucks? Then what do you do? Also, as to the feasibility of him facing right handers, look no further than Viciedo. If Viciedo can't get AB's what makes you think De Aza will?
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