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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
I responded to that fan survey too, and among my comments I talked about the CF scoreboard. It needs to actually show the score and it needs to embrace the in-your-face goofiness of Veeck's 1960 original -- lights, sound effects, and all.

There's no reason it couldn't carry the line score and still have plenty of room for a gonzo video board along with ad space. The home-run fireworks are still good, but the board itself is toothless and tame as compared to its 1960s ancestor.

I see film clips of the old board in its full home-run gallop and watch the lights bounce randomly while Roman candles sparkle out of the top, and wonder why the current board can't do that. Technology is light years ahead of 1960 and there certainly would be sponsors willing to put their names on an attraction like that. In "Veeck As In Wreck," he described how the 1960 monster was built without any upfront expense by the White Sox: the display company who designed it arranged for the ad space and the board paid for itself in a few years.

The Sox haven't run with that, and I don't get it.
The fireworks currently come from the scaffolding in the players parking lot and not the scoreboard.
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