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Originally Posted by white sox bill View Post
Hall of the Very Good maybe, will Frank get snubbed this ballet because he was mostly a DH? If so, should that be valid reason?? Isnt DH, although not a position, a creditable status? Or will it be disounted due to the obvious?

Time will tell....we all know he a HOF'er
Thomas played 58% of his games at DH. While that technically qualifies as "most," he still played 971 games at 1B. That is not an insignificant number.

Regardless, it's a dumb debate. It's not like Thomas wouldn't have had a similar career had he played in a world without the DH. Maybe he plays a handful fewer seasons in that world -- maybe he retires in 2003 or 2004 instead of 2008 -- but it's not like those last five seasons of mediocrity were the difference in his HOF credentials.
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