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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
What in the world makes so many people think that Tim Anderson should be converted to an outfielder?

It could be that he makes so many errors at shortstop and there has traditionally been some crossover between the two up-the-middle positions short and center. Robin Yount came to the majors as a shortstop, stayed for awhile and stayed longer as a centerfielder, won MVPs at both positions in fact. Mickey Stanley was a pretty good centerfielder for the 1968 Tigers, had played the outfield his entire career. With about the week to go before the World Series (MLB's last season before divisional play), Tigers manager Mayo Smith told him he was going to play shortstop in the World Series, which the Tigers won in seven games. The crossover continues in the minors and among players who don't play every day. Leury Garcia, of course, plays short and center. Paul Blair, who played a very short center, won two AL gold gloves (eight in all) for every game he played at short for the Orioles.

The short answer to your question, though, is that fans would like to see their shortstop making fewer, less frequent errors.
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