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I believe Covey is a major league pitcher in that he pitches in the major leagues. I believe Cease is a major league pitcher when I apply the same standard. I don't think either should be pitching in the major leagues, although Cease is still a prospect. I'm in the crowd that hopes he gets a lot better as opposed to the crowd that has faith in his imminent blossoming. It has been a very long time since Covey was a first round draft pick. I don't really want to see Fulmer starting either.

If you start from scratch and the pitching you acquire is in the form of prospects who haven't reached the major leagues (and Covey was a notch or two below that, a Rule 5 stopgap for a team that knew it would have someone pitch the innings when the team wasn't hitting), the chances that you can't develop your own starting rotation is pretty good, regardless of the rebuild enthusiasm.

I don't think Covey should be pitching in the majors. I didn't want the White Sox to trade for Shields. And while I was preoccupied with other more important and imperative things and didn't notice, I read where Edwin Jackson started for the Tigers Tuesday with Covey-like results.

If you're going to have a five-man rotation, if you're going to count pitches and limit innings, if you pitchers can't get hitters out with weak contact early in the count while you fawn over their strikeouts, if you're going to trade for pitching prospects that require surgery, which isn't all that uncommon among pitching prospects, you really should expect at least one Covey or Covey equivalent in your starting rotation. Really, you're lucky it isn't worse.

I don't like it. But jettisoning Covey won't get rid of the bad starting pitching. That's something White Sox fans will have to get used to, especially with all the teams in need of starting pitching who will be bidding against the White Sox this offseason.
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