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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Wow, you are comparing pitchers who have absolutely nothing in common.

Sale does not get his Velocity from his "funky" delivery. He is 6'6. Lincecum is 5'11, which is why he gets his velo from the delivery. Sale also has GREAT offspeed stuff. Freddy Garcia has nothing to do with Chris Sale either.

Sale is a tall, long lefty. You are correct that he will he choose to work consistently in the mid to low 90s, but that is what all pitchers do who throw hard. Dial it up as needed. Sale had a couple games last year with a fatigued arm he was sitting about 88-91, which is common for young SP who have not been stretched out to 200 IP before.

Sale is a once a decade talent, the Sox need to not screw around and just lock him up.
Sale is more likely a left-handed Jack McDowell, there's a dozen similarities. Jack was Cy Young worthy but with a body that couldn't possibly hold up for a decade. With Sale, it's already shown several times in his very short career.
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