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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I think the biggest problem is that unless injury happens sooner, someone is gonna give him those 6 years. I'm sure his agent knows that. I wouldn't bank on being able to simply tack a few years on. Not after he just had a Cy Young quality year. Might be more worthwhile to take the draft pick.
Absolutely, which is why I agree with the general theme of the OP which is if the Sox want to lock him up, now's the time to act. Buy out his arb years, maybe a year or two of FA, which would allow him to hit the market around 29-30 and still have 1 huge contract out there for him. But if they let him go 1-2 more years then yeah, the chance to hit it big at 27 is probably too tempting.

I'm not talking the Sox offer him **** and then tack an extra year of guaranteed **** on and hope he signs. But maybe make him a reasonable offer that basically sets him for life with money is something they'd consider. It's a gamble for the Sox, but for Sale and his people, it's just as big a risk to hope he lasts injury free for another 4 years, right?

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