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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
Jackie Robinson had a problem with black players who weren't into civil rights and he looked down upon players who drank or womanized. If I recall correctly, thats why Campanella and Robinson clashed. I do agree with you on Gibson and I worded that wrong earlier but Monte Irvin got shafted. I'm not exactly sure why he said he wasn't in baseball shape because he sure hit well in the Negro Leagues. But I have no reason not to believe you.
Ok...I don't see the problem with his opinions of black players that drank or were womanizers. Considering how far they came, the last thing needed at that time was to give a reason why they shouldn't be allowed in the game. It feeds the stereotype. You made it seem like he snubbed his nose at all black players. And his opinion on players that weren't involved in civil rights is fine by me too, given the time and attitudes of that era. And Monte Irvin shafted himself. He told Rickey he wasn't ready.

As far as Chandler and Rickey go...well, yes. Chandler was the commissioner. Without his blessing, Robinson would not have been allowed to play. But one has said Rickey was 100% responsible, but he is 100% responsible with regards to who was chosen.

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