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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I heard the entire inteview on Mac and Spiegs, with Stone. He was pretty honest,admitting that when the Sox lose, ''Hawk gets very grumpy''....and that it is a challenge to work around the roller coaster of a booth produced by the ups and downs of a Sox season.

He said he expects to be back,but clearly was hesitant to guarantee it.
I think if he is offered the D-Backs gig, he would take it. He reiterated that Reinsdorf is the best owner he could ever work for,and no doubt is loyal,but I am sure Jerry would release him if he asked.

He did say that at times when he has a different opinion on baseball,Hawk feels it is a challenge to his own expertise,and instead of just two perspectives on an issue, it becomes a bit of a tug of war...Hawk needs to be validated,always.

I suspect we have seen the last of Stoney with Hawk.
This is the most telling of Hawk, and it's been obvious for a while. Stone did mention when he worked with Harry (pre-stroke of course), Harry was fine with disagreements. If everyone agreed, it was a boring broadcast.