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Originally Posted by SephClone89 View Post
I disagree. We shouldn't be bound to contemporary perceptions of a player when trying to decide where he fits in the bigger picture. All-Star and Cy Young voting are not the most accurate barometers of performance.
Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
They're accurate barometers of popularity and that's about it.
Here we go again. I do agree with SephClone89 that making the All Stars or getting the Cy Young are not stats, but awards. They do call it the Cy Young award. However taking the holistic approach to things I would not ignore either, just make them part of the mix. Now, if you're into saber, with it WAR and JAWS, you may be surprised to know that going strictly by the numbers Bagwell beats Frank Thomas, and for SP Schilling beats both Mussina and Glavine in JAWS although the numbers are very close for all 3 when you look at that plus WAR and average WAR per year. Tim Raines and Alan Trammel have WAR and JAWS above the average HOFer for their positions, and so does Mike Piazza who I am giving the benefit of the doubt in the matter of PEDs.
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