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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The "contrived formulas" are still rooted in your precious "organic stats," so the idea that you have to whip out the old calculator to do such magical alchemy like "adding" and "multiplying" which suddenly renders the numbers useless is probably... well, there's no nice way for me to put it, so I will merely state it's either the result of blatant and deliberate ignorance.

And yes, there are them fancy number things that do help us quantify how much Paul Konerko helped and hurt the Sox last year. His oWAR was 2.7 (he added about 3 wins to the team at the plate compared to his position) and cost the team 2.2 wins defensively (though, I do admit I'm not as fond of the defensive stats, but pretty much anything is better than fielding percentage) so, when you remove the duplication built in for position, you get a WAR of Konerko of +1.4 last season, which essentially means that if Konerko had vanished off the face of the Earth in March 2012 and the Sox replaced him with the league average offensive and defensive 1B, they would have expected to win 83 or 84 games last year instead of the 85 they did win with his contributions.
Also, those bone fragments in his hand robbed him of a good second half for two seasons. Despite age-related concerns of decline, I expect a better year from Paulie next season if he can swing pain-free all season.
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