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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
By adding oWAR and dWAR you are putting the two statistics on the same level of credibility, which everyone agrees is not justified, and consequently the WAR number is no more credible than dWAR. So by taking WAR seriously you are throwing out all of your reservations about defensive stats relative to offensive. Them fancy number things are misleading to worthless.
I could be wrong on this but Brett Lawrie was on his way to having a monster WAR season and most of it was due to his defense. The BlueJays would often position him in the outfield which made his range seem far greater which made him look like Brooks Robinson on paper. If this is correct then by all means you are right.

It's hard for me to believe that in 16 seasons Konerko has only gotten a 25.3 career WAR. Meanwhile in 7 seasons Ben Zobrist has gotten a 25.4 career WAR. There's no way Ben Zobrist has had a better career than Konerko. I don't disagree with Zobrist's numbers but I do disagree with how Konerko is viewed and it is because of his defense for the most part on why he is so low.
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