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I actually liked the 64 team more than the 59 pennant winner. What piching depth they had. Unfortunately they lost to the Yankees the first 10 times they played them and that sealed their fate. I hate to say it but the Sox seemed to usually get the lump in the throat when it was time to go up against the Yanks. In a 4 game series in old Comiskey Aug 17-20 the Sox got a measure of revenge and swept the Yanks 4 straight. They were 1/2 game ahead of the Orioles and 4 1/2 in front of the Yanks, who of course righted the ship and went on a September charge. That year was just tough to swallow because the Sox were good enough to make in interesting in the WS. I guess Bob Gibson was fated to begin creating his legendary status against NY.

The 67 team was a mirage to me. I enjoyed the run they had, but never believed they had what it took to go the distance. I thought the Red Sox, Tigers and Twins all had better clubs. It was still a crushing disappointment when they had it in their grasp late but then dropped 5 straight to the 2 AL bottom feeders. I'm looking forward to this blog.
I'll never forget that 4 game sweep in August of 64, they were all weekday games with 3 night games and a matinee on Thursday. In those days only day games were televised and after listening to the first 3 games on the radio I watched the final game on TV with a friend who was a Cub fan and when the final out was made I almost hit the roof of the living room ceiling and my friend was seeing red as the Sox moved into first place.

PS The 59 team was always my favorite until 2005 came along and only by a little bit, something about boyhood heroes.
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