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Originally Posted by BigKlu59 View Post
Boyhood memories branded into my brain. Really a great stretch from 63-67 to be a Sox fan in town. The Northside was in a tailspin and the Sox flying among the elite squads of MLB. Pitching and defence were the orders of the day. Not much heavy artillery, so it all came down to fundamentals and mistakes and figernails chewed down to the quick.

64: came down to those 10 losses to the Yanks early in the year. Take 5 of those and the Sox have Vin Scully waxing about Peters and his drop off curve. Phils take a game down the stretch and we'd get to see this kid called 'Richie" Allen... Not to be

67: Looking at the schedule and seeing the Nats and A's and thinking, "Hey, we got a steak on a silver platter", only to taste the bitter bite of burned beans as each game painfully escaped victory was heartbreaking for a kid to say the least. (I should have been ready for it, primed by the High Flying Hawks unheard of early humiliation by those Leafs in April). Yup, 67 a year of very High "High's" and very Low "Lows" in Chicagoland.

Actually that great stretch started in 1951, 17 straight years of winning baseball.
Every year you knew that the Sox would contend. What made it better is that the Cubs had losing records most of those years and it was a Sox town.
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.