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Originally Posted by shes View Post
Buehrle only sniffs the Hall if he knocks on the door of 300 wins, which he isn't doing unless he pitches into his mid-forties. Granted, of anyone pitching right now, he has the best chance of being another Jamie Moyer given his durability, mechanics, and junkballing. I highly doubt Buehrle wants to pitch another 10 years, though.

He'll end up with around 230 wins, at least one WS ring, and a statue at the Cell. Pretty damn good for a guy that wasn't touted at all coming into the league.
I'm the biggest Buerhle fan around, and I agree. To make the HoF, What he lacks in dominance he needs to make up for in durability. And I believe he has indicated in the past that he doesn't intend to play as long as he might be able to. Unless he plays Moyer-type years, he probably won't have the cumulative numbers to overcome his lack of dominance.
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