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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I'm pretty sure the 1952 to 1967 Whitesox have the 3rd longest winning seasons in baseball history. Behind the Yankees and Orioles.

I didn't know this about what the original poster put either. That is interesting.
The streak actually started in 1951, and ended in 1967. Prior to that streak, the Sox hadn't been over .500 since 1943, and the Sox hadn't put more than 3 .500+ seasons together in a row since 1920.

The Orioles' streak was 18 straight seasons (1968-85). The Yankees have actually had two streaks longer than that: an incredible 39-season stretch (1926-64, where they played in 26 of the 39 World Series), and are currently on a 21-season streak (if they finish above .500 this season).
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