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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
If you are talking best players of all time, you should be holding DHing against men who made the list. By all accounts, Williams was a better hitter than Barry Bonds, but Bonds was higher on the list because of his defense. Nohwere do more people think more of Bonds than San Francisco, but few San Francisco fans would rank Bonds higher than Mays.

I might have put Mays ahead of Ruth (although I never saw Ruth play) if Ruth hadn't pitched so well, once holding the record for consecutive shutout World Series innings, 29.2.

Of course, the list really doesn't mean anything. Shoeless Joe Jackson was a better player than Derek Jeter, or even Reggie Jackson.
The thing about this is Joe Jackson just didn't have the career as the players you mentioned. Would he have been better, no question he would have been. Should he be top 100? I personally feel he's a no doubt top 100 player.

It's hard to say with Frisco fans picking Mays over Bonds. I feel most of em nowdays are pretty biased towards Bonds. I also think think Yankee fans take a back seat to the arrogance of SF fans.

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