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Originally Posted by Lemon44 View Post
I've learned more about Joe Girardi in the last 24 hours than I thought possible, here it goes: He's not coming to the Cubs because his kids, aged 14, 11 and 7, have no connection to Chicago; they are New Yorkers. He does not want to uproot his family for the ivy covered burial ground.

The sense of entitlement that Cub fans have just leaves me stunned. And it keeps swelling year after year.
Originally Posted by SOXPHILE View Post

Just had a stroke.......
On Tuesday I listened for a short time to David Kraplan. The way they were talking I thought that Girardi had signed with the Cubbies.

IF it turns out that Girardi resigns with the Yankees, Kraplan's mancrush will quickly subside and he'll attach himself to whomever the Cubbies hire.

If Girardi spurns the Yankees, that door is closed. Girardi can always sign manage the Cubbies IF he leaves the Yankees.

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