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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I wouldn't be opposed to that. There are worse hires the Sox could make for that position. I don't think Sveum was a brilliant manager or anything, but IMO, he was set up to fail by the Cubs' front office. Castro isn't near the player they think he is. I'm still undecided about Rizzo. I think they believe he is Joey Votto. He might be Adam LaRoche.
I'm inclined to believe maybe Rizzo, Castro, or Samardija might just not be that good. They're acting like on the radio like it's a foregone conclusion all these so called prospects are going to bloom into championship caliber players when in reality about 1 in 3 or 4 may turn into a serviceable player or better. Then the Cubs are supposedly going to surround them with superstar free agents. There are a whole lot of maybes and hoping in this ironclad plan . Sveum being fired may be the first dent in the armor, a scapegoat. Dan Bernstein was shouting down callers who dared disagree with him that the Cubs job was better than the Yankees at the moment . I agree with Hawk when he says a lot of these top rated farm systems are still perennial losers.Also there seems to be a big misconception that Theo built the Red Sox mini dynasty from scratch when in fact the team was ready to win right off the bat. There is no correlation to the total rebuild of the Cubs.

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