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Hey Vulture! LOL! I Hear ya!

But, to be fair (or optimistic) He really should have been taken out of High School. He broke his leg (femur) and missed his Senior Season and opportunity out of HS. He had a lot of interest back then.

I believe that after Rookie Ball, the Sox will push him hard to see if he can perform at advancing levels, he will either meet those challenges or get released. As we all know he is a bit older.

The people at Advanced Instructs compare his bat to Shoemaker, I believe that is a good thing, although I don't know why a 25 year old is still in the minors.

Eric has had eight years of one on one advanced training from a former MLB pro player with 30 years experience in training players, and in game situatuations has always risen to the top as a key player on every team he has played on.

In Bristol he came in as a 24th round Senior Sign that no one knew. He worked his way into the line up as a DH at first, then a few chances at 2B behind DeMichelle hitting 8th or 9th. He ended up as the everyday 3rd Baseman hitting in the 3 or 4 hole. This is typical of how it goes with him.

Eric performed very well in the CPL playing 3 years with the same team. He was offered other spots, including the Cape, but is a loyal player and decided that he really liked playing with the Swampdogs.

He and We are thrilled that he has this opportunity, his goal since he was 7 has been to play MLB. He asked me back then, "Dad, do you think I could play pro ball one day?" What's a dad supposed to say? "Of course!"

His goal is to be in the show, nothing has stopped him yet. Whether he makes it or not, we sure have "enjoyed the ride"!

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