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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
I disagree I am sure that A.Reed, A.Ramirez, DeAza, Tank, Santiago, Flowers, Floyd, amongst others have value. All teams are out their ready to spend money on the free agent market and I have to believe even Dunn and Rios have value as they only have two years left on their contracts.
They just don't. Reed was a closer with an ERA near 5 last year and was not showing the blazing fastball he had in the minors. His value is not very high right now.

Alexei wasn't that good last year. He has nice range, a good arm that is not always on target, makes dumb mistakes sometimes, isn't really a base stealer, had a power decline etc. His value is probably the lowest of all time right now especially given the fact he is not young

DeAza has value, Vicideo has some value although it isn't extremely high either (big power, no patience), Santiago was up and down, but no one knows what he is, maybe a starter, maybe a middle reliever, maybe a loogy.

Flowers is another guy with value at a supreme low. He is no longer a top prospect, he is now a back up C that did not hit well and had a problem catching pop ups.

Gavin has value but it has to be the right trade. I read somewhere a suggestion of Floyd and a prospect for Moustakas. I would be down with that!

.500 teams generally are not loaded with a bunch of high trade value guys. If they were, they would not be a .500 team.