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Another opening day in the books for meÖ
-Liked how they added more portajohns to the concourse.
-Concourse was pretty crowded, but thatís to be expected during a sell out
-Parking could have been handled better. Got there at like 1:15 and it took about 20 min to get into a parking lot.
- Leaving the game was rough with all the congestion
-Not sure if this is new but Lot L the one behind Lot F is no longer just gravel They added brick ontop of it so thatís nice.
-I actually noticed all the food workers were very friendly
-The opener was dumb. It doesnít matter how loud you turn the speakers youíre never going to be able to hear a spoken word track through the PA due to the echo/bass effect. I miss the Pirates opener a lot. Hopefully this will be like last year when they got rid of the Boom fireworks for a few games, realized their mistake and brought them back.
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